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Canoe Trip -Blackwater River Milton , FL
Saturday, September 17

Canoe Trip -Blackwater River Saturday, September 17

Come paddle the cool, clear waters and enjoy the sandy white beaches of Blackwater River, Milton, Saturday, September 17.  A leisurely trip down river taking about 3 hours in an average of knee deep water.  Please sign up at the church or by contacting Jeff Cole: email. Carpooling from the church is an option.


When: Saturday, September 17 at canoe rental 9:30 AM

Where: Blackwater Canoe Rentals, 6974 Deaton Bridge Rd, Milton, FL

Bring: Cooler with lunch, snacks, and water. Sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes, water bag for phone, towel, hat.

Everything has to fit in your canoe or kayak.

Price: Canoe- $60 (2adults + 2 children); Kayak one

person $35

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